Financially Independent Me

There are a lot of different meanings for financial independence and no two are really the same. Financial independence could be a goal you reach or the way one lives their life or not having to work for someone, but rather being self employed, but to me financial independence goes deeper than that. Financial independence has a strong emotional connection to your overall happiness, at least with my self. And no, I’m not talking per Se that money drives my happiness, but it does have an effect on it.

For years I thought financial independence meant, not having to rely on others, you earn your own dollar, pay for your bills and possibly own a home, car or even other bigger assets. But this is not the case. What I learned, that despite so many vague meanings on financial independence floating around, I realized that none of them are wrong. In fact each has a correct meaning for the person who is speaking of financial independence and their situation. After all we are all unique, come from different walks of life and hold different meanings to the words financially independent me.

What financially independent means to me…

My financial independence is directly tied to my feelings and my happiness. You are probably thinking, that money makes me happy, sure it does, but to a small degree. Money makes all of us happy, its one single factor that brings us together and tears us apart. That being said, I consider my self financially independent. I am happy with my overall yearly earnings, I own a home (my biggest asset) and am fortunate enough to have the ability, yet an opportunity to earn an income through three income streams.

Happiness & Finances

Money, there is never enough, but finding your little niches with money and what drives your happiness can go a long way. What makes me happy in relation to finances is having the opportunity to earn multiple incomes and to have the career that I do. There are a lot of people in this world, who don’t have the opportunity to do what they are passionate for or simply never find that true passion that makes them happy. I am happy to work and love working. Weekly I put in up to 60 hrs of work time. I am happy and glad to have this opportunity.

Knowing that the harder you work, the easier it is to achieve life goals. I don’t mind working a lot of hours and it sort of does not feel like work, because of three different income streams. I am not driven by money per say. I am happy with what I have and have learned the hard way not to stack my self up against others. It’s simply not fair to me, because expectations are unrealistic. I can’t have the same income as a surgeon, were in different fields and he has 5 years more of schooling than me. But I will take what I have, because what I have makes me happy.

All of our financial & personal goals are different and no two are alike. My financial happiness does not have a figure associated with it. I’ve taken the dollar figure out of it, instead I strive for the best for ME and live in the moment. I am happy as a person. I’m happy with my income and I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in my life thus far. From getting my education, working in a job that I truly enjoy, owning a home & car and finally becoming a small business owner, make that x2. I am happy not having to rely on others financially, but rather make it work with what I have and than some.

Readers; What does financial independence mean to you?



  1. I achieved financial independence at 38 years old!  It meant I had choices!   My future is set, the payoff for the risks is a secure future.  I achieved this with modest earnings and a willingness to defer gratification, saving no matter what.  It helped to have a low profile lifestyle.  

  2. Krantcents, you raise a very valid point (one that I should have included in my post) and that is having choices. Life is all about choices and the more you have, the less dull your life is. That’s amazing that you achieved your financial independence at such a young age of 38. Your story can be a prime example for most, including my self.

    Thanks for sharing!