Finance Fox Weekend Recap – RIM Revisting Winning Ways!


BB10 vs iPhone 5

Microsoft hasn’t impressed all that much lately. And even with Windows 8 giving it a boost, critics are out in full force. Apple is same old-same old, lots of creative marketing while the product hasn’t changed all that much. Having said that, this has installed fear into the investors and Apple’s stock has been somewhat on a downwards turn. In the world of smartphone sales and technology, the one company that has been enjoying the New Year so far as been Research in Motion (RIM). The kicker is that they’re the only tech company not to make a major announcement. Sure, BB10 launch is around the corner, but that has become somewhat old news.

The company’s stock jumped another 2.25 per cent on yesterday, continuing a tear that has seen the stock more than double in recent months, flirting this week with its 52-week high of just over $18. Most of the positive hype has been due to rumours that Lenovo is looking to acquire the Waterloo-based company. Without a doubt RIM is riding some great momentum going into the launch of BB10 that’s only days away.

Whether the Waterloo, Ont.-based tech company can maintain that momentum is another story. Next Wednesday, when the long-delayed BB10 operating system makes its public debut will be a solid indicator of which way the momentum shifts or whether it stays the same. Even though I’m not longer a BlackBerry user, I’m certainly cheering this Made in Canada story by Canada’s largest tech company. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see the stock price jump back up to $150 again – where it was only a few years ago.

Here’s this week’s Finance Fox weekend recap.

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Hope you have a fun weekend. I’ll spend mine packing for Sin City – where some posts will come from starting next week.




  1. Thanks Eddie. Hope your weekend is grand.
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  2. Thanks for mentioning my post! Appreciated.
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  3. Thanks for the mention Eddie. I’ll say AAPL has been on a downturn, it has been taking a beating. Glad I got out of my call option when I did. :) Have fun in Vegas, we’re planning a trip there sometime this year ourselves.
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  4. Thanks for the mention!
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  5. I’m a Microsoft fan, because they’re been the (large) underdog for a while, and I’m diggin’ their efforts. That being said, I don’t see them emerging as a front-runner anytime soon in the mobile marketplace. Also, i haven’t read much about it, but are the blackberry’s going to run android, or a BB operating system?

    Thanks for the mention this week.
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  6. Hey Eddie… I am not so positive about RIM’s outlook… a lot of businesses are looking for exit strategies to other phone services. Let’s just hope for RIMs sake that BB10 is a huge success… with Apples current downfall, there couldn’t be a better time to launch!
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  7. Thanks for the mention mate, have fun on your holidays.
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  8. Thanks for the recap. I would like to mention that the blackberry and an iphone are falling behind in tech. behind the Android line. You have to wait 2 years for a meager upgrade on an iphone, hardly worth it. Thanks
    Dave recently posted..Cheap Ways to Increase the Value of Your HomeMy Profile

    • Hi Dave!
      Thanks for stopping by. As someone who upgraded to iPhone 4S about 9 months ago, I’m still navigating my away around. I stayed away from the 5 simple because the minor cosmetic upgrades weren’t worth my money. In terms of BB, well they’re Canadian and would want to see them gain some of the market share back.

  9. I have been using iphone since 2008 and like me there are millions of people who are loyal to apple product just because of iphone. And I think there is no comparison to iphone and blackberry.