Finance Fox Weekend Recap: Imaginary Facebook Friends Edition!

imaginary facebook friends

Question: Are Facebook friends “Real Friends?”

It’s a question that many are asking themselves, and if you haven’t already asked yourself….well maybe you should! One thing that’s for sure though – you the Finance Fox readers rock! Thank you to all of you who have followed Finance Fox on FB, and for those of you who haven’t followed yet, here’s your opportunity: Click Here to Follow Finance Fox on Facebook. As for the rest of you who don’t care, well we don’t care about you either!

But back to the question on the top.

How many people on Facebook do you have that you’ve never talked to? How many Facebook friends do you talk to on a regular basis through any form of FB communication? I bet you the percentages would shock you if you really thought about it. As for me, I’m proud to have only 189 friends of my personal FB page. I’m even more proud to know each and every one of them in person. Most are acquaintances (about 70%) who I’ve done business with or somehow networked with. The remaining 30% are actual friends that I see at least once a month and communicate with on regular basis outside of Facebook.

So does Facebook stand as viable community, and are the people on your home page “real friends?” I’ll bet that many of you will say no, because it’s the face-to-face communication that counts. Yet far too many people are draining their time, energy and money (think phone data) on facebooking, tweeting, texting and other forms of informal communication. Many think it’s okay to constantly text, reply to FB messages, email and so on while in public at events such as dinners, sporting events and other social gatherings.

Okay, so there are rude and ignorant people out there. But the reality is that Facebook serves a purpose.

There are many sides, and depends which angle you look from, you may agree or disagree with me. I think FB is a great resource for maintaining connections, and getting in touch with long-last connections. Furthermore, it’s a great way to network or even possibly find your next home, car or job.

But the truth is, most of your 1000+ friends on Facebook aren’t your actual friends. They are just there. So, what would you call them? I’d call them imaginary friends, but since I know all of my 189 friends, I really don’t have that problem.

Maybe you don’t either, however for those with 500+ friends I’m willing to bet that you spend countless hours daily creeping profiles of people’s lives as they vacation, socially gather, work and everything else in between. Don’t you have anything better to do? :)

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Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Finance Fox’s weekend recap.

Have a safe weekend.



  1. I love the picture! You have a good point Eddie in regards to Facebook. I only have around 170 “friends” on my personal Facebook. The large majority are friends from college that I don’t see much and friends that I see on a regular basis. It can be a nice way to stay somewhat in touch, especially if you don’t see each other often. Thanks for the mention!
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Blog Posts That Ruled This Week, More of the Same EditionMy Profile

  2. Every 6 months or so I get sick of seeing all the people on Facebook that I really don’t care about our have any connection with aside from the fact that we went to high school or college together. So I either hide their status updates or remove them from my friends list altogether.
    Johnny Moneyseed recently posted..Your Money or Your Life: Part 2My Profile

  3. Thanks for mentioning Jessica’s guest post on my blog :)
    Michelle recently posted..How to Know if You’re a MinimalistMy Profile

  4. That is a quality little cartoon. I got started on facebook when it was just for college students. I knew everyone that I befriended. I still know all of my personal friends. It is a little different with the fans of Debt Roundup.

    Thanks for the mention Eddie. I really appreciate it and have a great weekend.
    Grayson @ Debt RoundUp recently posted..Budget Fail: A Best Man and A Bachelor PartyMy Profile

  5. In my personal page, I know everyone but may not talk to them regularly. I don’t know if I know a single person on our Facebook page, so I hope people get more involved so we can eventually meet some of them.
    Brian recently posted..APR on credit cards highest in yearsMy Profile

  6. You definitely have a good point. Most of my friends on Facebook are simply past connections (i.e. high school, college, past coworkers, etc.). But I think the major point of my Facebook page is actually to keep up with current friends. While I have met many of these people through other social groups, most invitations come now through Facebook. It’s hard nowadays to keep up with people who don’t have accounts.

    • The only reason why it’s hard to keep up with those who don’t have FB is because you rely to “online” communication instead of tradition methods…such as a phone…calling…and saying…”Hi, just calling, it’s your birthday.”

  7. I have the same perspective as you and personally know 90% of my FB friends. I probably only talk or hangout with about 20% of them but that’s because many moved around the world, or I moved. I definitely agree that technology has replaced authentic communcation and it can be unhealthy when human interaction is not given a place in each of our lives.
    John @ Fearless Men recently posted..4 Tips To Increase The Intensity Of Your WorkoutsMy Profile

  8. I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and share pics of my kid with everyone. But I agree, my wife has WAYY more “friends” than I do, but I don’t know if half of them are people she would care to keep in touch with if Facebook weren’t here.
    Jacob @ iHeartBudgets recently posted..How to Balance Work and Education While Earning Your MBAMy Profile

  9. That opening cartoon is hilarious! People collect FB Friends like baseball cards or Pokemon. Collect them all! When used correctly however social networking sites can be invaluable tools. Great post.
    Chris @ recently posted..How To Save On Water BillsMy Profile

  10. Thanks for the mention mate. I think knowing the people you accept as friends on your FB page to at least be people you communicate with. Some have friends from primary school that they don’t even talk to nor have said a word since accepting the friend request. Really who gives a rats about what Johnny does for a living, how many cats he owns and how big his tractor is if you don’t want to talk to them. Have a good one!
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..The Saturday Weekend Review #7~ Return Fraud Costs Big Bucks!My Profile

  11. Late to comment…just got back from Costa Rica :)

    Thanks for the mention Eddie…always appreciate the blog support here at Finance Fox!!

    My Own Advisor recently posted..Personal Finance Stress TestMy Profile