Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Game On! Hockey is Back!!


The good old days when Mats used to captain the ship.

Yeah, that NHL labor dispute that threatened to eliminate the hockey season (for the second time in a decade) was finally settled, so they’re set to drop the puck and play out a half-season of hockey!  Who cares, you ask? Well, if you love hockey like myself, you should. Here are three reasons you should give a puck.

The Unemployment Rate Will Drop

You may not give a damn that hockey is back, but everyone working the concession stands, ushers, security and everyone in between will be back to work. Some of these people work part-time and others full-time, but they all rely on the income to a large or small degree. Yes, the unemployment rate should drop as those who rely on hockey go back to work. Lastly let’s not forget all the new retail sales of hockey equipment, as its common to find any Canadians garage full of equipment from Goalie Monkey.

Short Season Could be Long on Excitement

The upside of a 48-game season? It’s the first time the Maple Leafs will be tied for first in middle of January…..probably since the 1999 season. The condensed season really does shake things up, though. Get hot for a month in the 2013 season, and you may find yourself in the playoffs. Either way, a short season magnifies the importance of each game and eliminates the tedium that a long losing season can bring.

Something to Watch other than Basketball

Don’t get me wrong, I love basketball, but equally as much I love hockey. Having the ability to watch both live and TV gives on the perception of never a dull moment – there’s a game every night. Sure, most NHL fans are pissed about the drama, but most will be back sooner than later – especially we Canadians, because let’s face it, hockey is not as popular south of the border. Finally, all NHL teams will go above and beyond to win your heart back. So, if you go to any or some games during an NHL season, you can be sure that for this shortened season you’ll see 2-for-1 ticket offers (NOT IN TORONTO), t-shirt giveaways, magnets, cheer cards, food and drink vouchers and lots of goodies in between. Basically, the fans have become that prettiest girl in school, and they’re trying to woo us – so make sure you take advantage!!!

Anyways, that was my hockey pitch….dull you say? Nope, not me, you’re the dull one my friend! :) But here’s something a little less dull….this week’s amazing personal finance reads. Enjoy!!

My Own Advisor – Virtually all the big retailers offer price matching, but is it worth it? If you’re looking for a positive impact on your wallet, price matching is quite worth the minor time vested.


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The Outlier Model – January is a great time to rack up some savings and set the tone for the remainder of the year. Even if you’re already living fairly lean financially, there’s always room for improvement.

Za Vas – A great feature story on Aida Muratovic who has appeared numerous times on the covers of the Slovenian FHM, seduced Bollywood with her looks, is the former Miss Hawaiian Tropic and has won the coveted title of Miss Universe Slovenia.

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Frugal Rules – Do you know the differences between mutual funds and ETFs?  And which would be a better fit for her investment purposes? If you’re unsure, here’ a great post on mutual funds vs. ETFs.

Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Finance Fox’s weekend recap.

I’ll be having an amazing weekend hitting up the slopes and having beverages by the fire. Hope your weekend is equally as fun!!




  1. Thanks for the mention Eddie! Though I am not a hockey fan I am glad it will again be there to provide jobs to all involved. That’s what made me so mad about the NFL lockout a few years ago. The players and owners have big bucks, but the industry is so huge that many everyday people were negatively impacted.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Blog Posts That Ruled This Week, 100 Posts EditionMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the mention. Good news, I ordered pizza and I’m handling the stress better :)
    Mandy @ MoneyMasterMom recently posted..How to Complete a Successful Spending FastMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the mention Eddie!

    Welcome back NHL, I’ll warm up to it…eventually. :)

    My Own Advisor recently posted..Weekend Reading – Hockey is back, I suppose that’s good and great blogsMy Profile

  4. Great roundup Eddie! I am exciting for hockey being back and I hope you enjoy your weekend on the slopes. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Weekly Personal Finance Blog RoundUp – 1/18/2013My Profile

  5. I’m not an NHL fan because I don’t know much about the sport but I’m learning. Have fun on the slopes mate and thanks for the mention. Cheers Mr.CBB
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #3 RRSP’s, NHLMy Profile

  6. I don’t watch a lot of hockey either but I am glad for business owners. It has been a really tough year for them and their staff. I am also glad for my friends who have season tickets that they can actually use now.