Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Best of Financial Literacy Month!

November is a fairly important month in my books, aside having a lot of birthdays to attend for some close friends throughout the month, November also happens to be Financial Literacy Month. Yes, this is a Canadian thing for all of my American friends who aren’t aware. This year’s Financial Literacy Month was a little different. Aside from many great articles pertaining to personal finance on the web, Glen Cooke at Life Insurance Canada, he organized Blog For Financial Literacy – a campaign aimed at sharing “My Best Financial Tip” by some very skillful Canadian personal finance bloggers. The intention was to provide financial information to Canadians in a simple and easy to form and in turn supporting financial literacy.

Before I get into this week’s Finance Fox Weekend Recap, I wanted to share with you a list of the “Best Tips” from other Canadian bloggers who participated in this years Financial Literacy Month.

  1. Pay Yourself FirstMy Own Advisor
  2. Pay Off DebtCanadian Finance Blog
  3. Reconcile the BankThe Blunt Bean Counter
  4. A Simple PlanCanadian Couch Potato
  5. The Most Important Part of Your Life Insurance Policy Is... – Life Insurance Canada
  6. BudgetingCanadian Budget Binder
  7. Kaizen and Continuous Improvement - Grocery Alerts
  8. Don’t Spend More Than You Have – Self Help Happiness Blog 
  9. Big SurpriseBlonde on a Budget
  10. Why You Should Start Investing NowDividend Ninja
  11. Think CriticallyTimeless Finance
  12. Why You Should Avoid Mutual FundsThe Dividend Pig
  13. Maximize Your TFSAThe Loonie Bin
  14. Make More MoneyBoomer & Echo
  15. Plan AheadSaving Mentor
  16. Budgeting is the Key to Financial SuccessFinance Fox
  17. Mutual Fund Fees Hurt Your Retirement - Avrex Money

That’s all for all the great Financial Literacy posts. In case I missed you, please shoot me an email with your link and I’ll gladly add it to the above list. Now, here are some more great money related reads from around the web by some pretty sensational bloggers.

One Smart Dollar – Friends are amazing when it comes to keeping yourself accountable and pushing yourself to the max. Starting a business with a friend simply won’t work. Your friendship is worth more than any business. That’s why you shouldn’t start a business with a buddy.

Work Save Live – For someone who doesn’t eat bacon, this recipe for bacon and egg muffins looked pretty delicious. Maybe turkey bacon could work?

Yakezie – Surviving Google updates is one thing, but did you know that thin content is out and thick content is in? It’s the wave of the future according to this article, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Edward Antrobus – There is a better option for how to get rid of an old computer. SELL IT!! Here’s how to sell an old computer.

Balance Junkie – Everywhere you go, everyone and their mother are offering 0% financing. Sounds attractive, but is it really? Here’s a great breakdown by Jim on 0% financing a car.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks – We all love outlet malls. I ADORE outlet malls, but have you ever thought about the tricky ways outlet malls get you to spend your money?

Eyes on the Dollar – Monthly cooking is a great way to have homemade meals without rushing around at the end of the work day. So, can one a month cooking help your grocery budget?

Thanks for stopping by and being part of this weekend’s Finance Fox Weekend Recap. We hope you enjoyed this week’s awesome reads, and see us again right here next weekend where we’ll do it all over again.




  1. Thanks for including me. There are some really smart finance bloggers in Canada, eh? Noting to do with finance, but it’s really funny that I’ve heard lots of really conservative people in our area say they were moving to Canada because Obama got re-elected and they hate Obabacare, he’s trying to socialize us, etc. When you ask if they know that Canada has universal healthcare, they just kind of change the subject. I’ll let you know if they decided to come, and you can hide. I won’t miss them too much! Have a great weekend!
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #14-Happy ThanksgivingMy Profile

    • Kim!
      Pleasure for including you.
      I never understood what’s the beef with American’s and Obamacare. If it works in Canada, it will likely work in America. Healthcare is one of the reasons why Americans got into debt to begin with. It’s a product that rich can afford, poor credit it, and there’s no budgeting on trying to help the lower class in the process. Oh yea, I forgot, that’s because middle class is on the point of extinction. Sounds a lot to me like “ME, ME, ME….” attitude.

      Let us know how your neighbors make out…LOL

      The people chose Obama for a reason, and lower class/middle class won – that’s the majority in America!

    • Traditionally, Canadian provinces have only had universal health insurance. Our healthcare delivery has been market-based. It’s not the same model as Europe which has socialized medicine (and contrary to propaganda like Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, these systems are failing), nor the same as the US which has unsustainable cost spirals as a result of the moral hazards associated with privatized insurance.

      Unfortunately, Canada has moved more toward socialized delivery. The result has been increasing costs, ridiculous growth in administration, and deadly wait times.

      Thanks for the mention on the list!
      Joe recently posted..BP #42 – Single Serve Coffee MachinesMy Profile

  2. Eddie, thanx for the mentions of course! :) This is a great movement, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I can’t think of anything more important than becoming “financially literate”.

    As Kim mentioned, we really have some great bloggers up here!

    The Dividend Ninja recently posted..Why You Should Start Investing Now!My Profile

  3. Thanks for the inclusion, Eddie! It’s kind of amazing how much financial information is out there for people to learn from; we just need to get more people looking for it!

    Have a good weekend!
    Steve @ The Loonie Bin recently posted..My Best Financial Tip: Maximize Your TFSAMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the mention, from one Ed to another. :) Pretty cool that Canada has a Financial Literacy Month.
    Edward Antrobus recently posted..How to Survive the Night ShiftMy Profile

  5. November is a crazy month for me too!! Hope you had a good weekend Eddie
    Savvy Scot recently posted..Lower Loan Rates: 4 Secrets on How to Get ThemMy Profile