Finance Fox Weekend Recap: Canada Day Edition

Happy Canada Day!

Let us all be thankful for living in the best country in the world, that keeps getting even better every year. As the country celebrates its 145th birthday, there are many things this country does every year that make us proud to call our selves Canadians. The country we call home was built on fur, lumber, wheat and now oil trade – making trade an important part of our economy and an essential lifeline to the global trade.  Despite the 2008 recession that shook the world, where once strong global economic powers existed are now strugglin to stay afloat, Canada continues to stay strong through a sound financial system, strong real estate market, and technological innovation.

More than two-thirds of Canadians believe they are Canadians first – despite immigrating to Canada at some point in their lives. British Columbians consider them selves most patriotic, thanks in large part to hosting the Winter Olympic games. Canada is in American terms is a democratic country. The United States presidential election is a little over 4 months away, and if the same election was happening in Canada, Mitt Romney would easily be swept by the current president as Mr. Obama would win his second term in landslide fashion.

Source – National Post – Canada Day Poll

I hope you enjoyed the brief history lesson on Canada, sprinkled with a little opinion. Here are some great personal finance reads that you might have missed from earlier this week.

Financial Samurai – Sam sums up the 1,000 page legislation on the Obamacare Healthcare bill that was introduced in his post ‘Winners And Loser of Obamacare Hooray‘. Something for the poor who may not have a job and are living on the streets will get healthcare coverage according to this bill.

Untemplater – More and more adults in today’s society are forgoing moving out on their own, and instead living at home with mommy and daddy.  According to a poll by Twentysomething Inc, some 85% of college graduates boomerang back to their parents home. The odds are against young adults today, everything is more expensive – home ownership is impossible in some cities, food cost is always on the rise, and gas prices are not in sync with the price of crude.

Modest Money – Jeremy wrote a great post earlier this week on automating social media marketing via twitter, Facebook, and using the different social media tools.

Add Vodka – I love clothes, but getting the right fit is impossible most of the time…even for a guy! Alterations and tailoring are part of my ever expanding clothing budget, and they need to be part of yours as well.

Work Save Live – The definition of success is unique to every single person. There is no single answer and there is no one size fits all. We’re all envious of one another – Money & success isn’t always what it seems.

My Own Advisor – There is no one magic formula for making your online business a success, but there certainly are SEO trends that will ultimately have a great impact on the success of your online business.

Passive Cleaning Income – Got $200? Here are six businesses you can start today for $200 or less. Use the experience you already posses to start a great small business, and bring in additional side income.

That’s it for this weekend’s Finance Fox Weekend Recap. We hope you enjoyed this week’s recap with 7 great reads you might have missed, and see us again right here next weekend where we’ll do it all over again.

Happy Canada Day, enjoy the day off tomorrow, and be safe tonight in your celebrations.



  1. Thanks for the mention Eddie. Happy Canada Day! We do live in a pretty awesome country.
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  2. We’re turning into Canada here in the US with Obamacare, so we too shall celebrate Canada Day! :)
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  3. Happy Canada Day from your friendly neighbor!

    Thanks for the shout out. Love Samuria’s comment btw.
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  4. Thanks for the mention! I hope you had a great Canada Day!
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  5. Hope you got some great weather like we did in Quebec, Happy Canada Day!
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  6. Wonderful page! Thanks a lot for this. Indeed a good read.

  7. What are you guys trying to do, hijacking our country’s birthday weekend? (Just kidding).

    Love all my Canadian PF friends – HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!
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