Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Michigan State Spartans Football and Money Related Reads!

MSU football, spartan stadium, michigan state

End Zone Field Level View!

Last weekend you might have noticed that I was MIA….well you guessed right….I was away because I spent the weekend in Michigan watching awesome action packed college football with roughly 67,000 rowdy fans in a rainy Saturday afternoon affair at Spartan Stadium, MSU hosted Iowa for an afternoon matinee, which was also MSU’s homecoming game. Despite a slow-er than usual game due to heavy rain, MSU was defeated by Iowa Hawkeyes 19-16 in double overtime.

Here’s a quick history lesson for you:

MSU was established in 1857 and is home to roughly 45,000 students every year. The town of East Lansing’s population is only 48,000 residents. U.S. News & World Report‘s 2013 edition of America’s Best Colleges ranks MSU 28th among the nation’s public universities. Spartan Stadium is in its 89th season as home to Michigan State football. Since its opening in 1923, Michigan State has won 69 percent of its games played in Spartan Stadium. Some heavy history huh?

michgian state university

View from the top!

Despite no booze (dry family environment), lots of rain and a tough loss by the home team – the boys football weekend getaway was a success. We rolled out on Friday mid-day, arrived in Windsor in the early evening and checked into Caesars Hotel & Casino. The night started off with some gambling, where majority of twelve in the traveling group were losers, except yours truly, who cleaned the Black Jack table in two hours leaving +$350. I think that’s a fair return for a two hour investment. :)

msu, michigan state, spartans

Levoy Bell Running it in for MSU’s 1st Touchdown!

Eventually we ended up in Windsor’s downtown core for a little celebration which took us till the wee hours in the morning. Unfortunately 7am came pretty quickly as we hit the road early to avoid the border lineups and enjoy some pre-game tailgating before the 12pm kickoff. Talk about having the shakes throughout the game…if you know what I mean…and I ain’t thinking cold rainy weather.

So, that was my last weekend. How was yours? Do anything exciting? I hope so!

Anyways, here are some awesome money related reads from this week that are very worthy of another mention. Enjoy!!

Your Wealth Effect – How rising gas prices, and inflation in general, has essentially become a tax on the poor. What do you think? Interesting post for sure, and has some very interesting statistics.

One Smart Dollar – Seven out of every ten Americans be celebrating the spookiest holiday on the calendar in 2012, but they will be spending $80 on average per person. You don’t need to go with the masses and spend $80, instead you can enjoy Halloween and the cost of Halloween doesn’t need to be scary.

Married With Debt – Trying to setup your emergency fund? Looking for fresh innovative and different ideas? Look no further and read the BEST emergency fund setup ever.

Add VodkaIs entrepreneurship dying? Daisy seems to think so, and offers some solid points. Personally I don’t think so, because I think we’re in a day-and-age where anyone can start up a business with relatively next to nothing financially – just time.

See Debt Run – Are you a stay-at-home parent?  Are you thinking about becoming one? Whatever your case might be, you should definitely read Michelle’s story on becoming a stay at home parent.

Work Save LiveIs there a right time to have a baby, financially? There should definitely be some thought and preparation put in before having any kids. It’s no secret that kids are expensive, so having your life in order would be the first step for me. Everyone is different, so find what works best for you.

iHeart Budgets – How do you handle your temptations? or should I ask, how do you kill your temptations? If you need some inspiration on how to kill financial temptations, read this post, and the post comes with a cool gun to kill your temptation in less than 15 seconds.

Untemplater – Starting a business possess it’s risks that most first-timers don’t think about much. Understanding the differences in your liabilities as an individual compared to as a business owner are important ones that a lawyer can advise you on. Sydney busts out some possible risks of starting a business and how you can minimize your risk.

Thirty Six Months – I really enjoyed Marissa’s read on the pros and cons of doing business with friends, mostly because I’m in the process of launching a business with a very close friend. What do you think on doing business with friends?

Passive Cleaning Income – Being frugal is not just for singletons and families, but rather for small business owners as well. Here are 5 tips for small business owners to be more frugal.

Canadian Budget Binder – This week at Canadian Budget Binder to The Welfare Food Challenge. MR CBB blogged about the steps he had to take to purchase food for a week on a budget of $26 dollars for one person.

msu, univeristy band, michigan state

MSU Band!

Thanks for stopping by and being part of this weekend’s Finance Fox Weekend Recap. We hope you enjoyed this week’s awesome reads, and see us again right here next weekend where we’ll do it all over again.




  1. Sounds like you had some right fun on the weekend. I need to do something like that real soon as this year has been mostly all work and no play. I don’t know a bloody thing about hand toss ball… ok Football. I’m a bigger soccer ,rugby and tennis fan although back home I was more into rock climbing and surfing… and never got into hockey at all either. Have a good weekend mate. Mr.CBB
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks~Oct 19,2012My Profile

  2. Thanks for the mention. Nice to see that you popped across the border for some fun and probably a little extra spending power for your money.
    John @ Married (with Debt) recently posted..International Mortgage TrendsMy Profile

  3. As a University of Iowa grad I thought that game was quite good. Sure a lot better than the one last night. Thanks for the mention.
    Sean @ One Smart Dollar recently posted..Miser for a Month – Week TwoMy Profile

  4. I love the fact you have College football over the pond. We in the UK need to take a lesson and better promote University Sport!!

  5. I miss going to the odd football game (used to go to the Minnesota Vikings games each year).

    In Victoria it is pricey to get off the island.

    Do you go to any CFL games? (I personally prefer NFL – more skill and faster athletes).
    Steve @ Grocery Alerts recently posted..Tips for saving money on your Halloween partyMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the mention! Wow those are some sweet pics, nice!!
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