Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Hello 2013 & Money Talks!

money talks

Hello! Welcome back to another edition of Finance Fox’s weekend roundup, which also happens to be the first roundup on 2013! Even though this week has been short for many of us (one can only wish that work weeks start on Wednesdays), I hope that you had a good week, a Merry Christmas and that your New Year is off to a rocking start!

For me, this has been a fairly productive week. Aside from being incredibly busy at work, I’ve submitted my articles of incorporation to launch my media company business. Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked. Aside from all the work and business stuff, there’s was something missing….ohh the fact that I haven’t kicked a soccer ball in two weeks due to holiday closures. You know when you get used to something and enjoy it – you begin to look forward to it and are willing to do anything to incorporate into your busy schedule. What do you do as a physical activity? Will you be incorporating anything new 2013?

This Week’s Money Related Reading

See Debt Run – If you’re looking to stop a nasty habit…..such as…um….nail biting, you should seriously read Jefferson’s post on how to stop biting your nails.

Making Sense of Cents – Do you have pet insurance? What do you think of it? And also, how much does it cost? Sometimes procedures can cost thousands of dollars, and in the case that happens it’s good to have pet insurance.

Club Thrifty – Some people’s health deteriorates faster than others, so many will never see 90, but if you take care of yourself, eat healthy and exercise, do you think you can afford to live until you’re 90?

Za Vas – Having been to Sarajevo only once in my lifetime, it’s rather hard to truly depict what Sarajevo looked like before the war. But Jim Marshall, a world renown photographer depicts what Sarajevo looked like once and what it looks like today.

The Outlier Model – So the holidays are over down and maybe you had turkey for dinner at some point. Then the age old question arises… What to do with the turkey leftovers?  Not to worry, here are 5 quick speed-recipe ideas for your leftover turkey.

Master the Art of Saving – If you had a choice between these two, which wild you you choose – a bathroom makeover or a new car? Here’s someone’s potential savings goal as they work towards buying a second car.

My Own Advisor – With a New Year comes new hits on your wallet. Primarily increases to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums. So anyone earning more than $51,100 will be contributing up to $2.356.20 to CPP in 2013. Sexy!

Canadian Budget Binder – Being single isn’t all that bad; there are actually many perks and being able to make your own personal financial decisions is one of them. Here’s are three best things about being single from a single mother.

Debt Roundup – I forgot to this mention last week, somehow I dropped the ball. Grayson got creative for year end, and came up with the best personal finance tips of 2012. There are over 30 tips!  Sorry for dropping the ball last week Grayson!

My Canuck Buck – A lot of folks want to help others – but often feel they lack the time or resources to do so. Here are some simple and easy ways to help others out without breaking the bank.

Simply Investing – In spirit of the New Year, I came across a great post by my Kanwal in which he rounded up his BEST POSTS ON INVESTING from 2012. So, for those of you looking to brush up your investing skills, start with these ten posts on investing.

Thirty Six Months – I learned a new term – sapiosexual! Never knew what it meant up until I read Marissa’s post on being a sapiosexual. Interesting read never the less!

Thanks for stopping by and being part of this week’s Finance Fox Weekend Recap . Because let’s face it – without your readership, support and writing – this recap wouldn’t exist.

We’re only a week into 2013, but hopefully things are looking up for ya so far!



  1. Thanks so much for mentioning us!
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  2. Thanks for the mention Eddie. I don’t mind that you forgot to mention me last week, it is all good. The holiday’s make it difficult to remember some things.

    Congrats on the incorporation. I plan on incorporating my business sometime this year, but it depends on how it is progressing.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Weekly Personal Finance Blog RoundUp – 1/4/2013My Profile

  3. The new year has been quite friendly so far, so I hope it continues.

    Great recap, you’ve given me lots of new blogs to look into. Thanks!
    Alex recently posted..Money and Happiness: Where to go in a CareerMy Profile

  4. Congrats on the incorporation! My wife and I are going to be doing that very soon for our business. We were waiting til the New Year so we could push the expense into the new tax year.
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  5. Thanks for sharing the links! All of the articles were very informative.
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  6. That’s awesome congrats mate. Looking forward to hearing more about your new venture. Mr.CBB
    Canadianbudgetbinder recently posted..Canadian Budget Binder-Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #1My Profile

  7. Wow, incorporation to launch your media company business?

    Sounds awesome.

    Well done :)

    Thanks for the mention and I look forward to sharing links and reading your articles in 2013!

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  8. THANKS FOR THE MENTION! When are you unveiling the new design?
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