Do You Need a Career Change?

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Do you sit at your desk everyday and tick off the minutes until the end of the day? Maybe you look at job openings all day at a job that you dream about. Maybe you wish you could apply for Los Angeles nursing jobs or business jobs? Or maybe you believe that you are worth more money and want to apply for jobs that will better fit your skill set.

A career change is a big decision. It can affect your life, your family’s life, your finances, retirement and basically everything around you. In the perfect world, everything will work out for the best, but in reality, it is always best to have a well thought out plan.

Anyways, now that you know that you dislike your current career and/or position, how do you decide if a career change is right for you? Starting in a new industry with a new career can be a very hard decision. There can be many positives, but there are also many unknowns and possible negatives that could happen.

Maybe you’ll end up being in an even worse company, with an even worse supervisor. The job could possibly be even more boring and you start ticking off the seconds in the day instead of the minutes and hours.

Not everyone gets to fully enjoy their jobs (and some believe that fully enjoying your job is impossible), but if you are one of the people who want to receive complete fulfillment out of their career, then thinking about your career more as a lifestyle is very important and is needed in order to make a well thought out plan.

There are a few things to think about:

Think about why you don’t like your current job.
Be positive that it’s the career you are in, and not the position and/or company that you work at. Is it actually your supervisor which makes you hate your job? If you had more valuable responsibilities then would you enjoy your job and career more? Find out if there is actually any possibility of career advancement with your current employer.

Make a list of positives and negatives of the current position you are in, and then compare it to your possible dream careers.

What’s your passion?
Everyone has those “crazy” childhood dreams of being an astronaut, mother, doctor, nurse and everything else. What are your dreams? Do you still want to do what you wanted when you were a child? Think about the things that you enjoy in life. Also, try not to think purely about what the job pays as this can make the choice much easier for an individual.

Thinking about the activities that you do that make you happy is an easy way to seek our your passions. Write these down and look them over.

Also think about your end goals. How will your job help you achieve your goal?

Talk to individuals who work in the industry.
While you shouldn’t base your career choice mainly on those that you talk to, individuals who work in the industry that you are interested in can have very valuable insight into your career choice. Ask them questions about the positions offered, career, company environments and everything else that you can think of.

However, if someone that you talk to does say something that sounds horrible about the possible career that you are thinking of, try not to just erase off your dreams because of this, everyone has different likes and dislikes.

Think about the skills you offer.
Becoming a surgeon when you hate blood and needles is probably not the best idea. If the idea of the career sounds great, but you lack the skills, then it might not be a good fit. Think about what you excel at and how your industry and company can benefit from you joining it.

Are you thinking about switching jobs?

What made you decide that you need a career change?

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  1. When I was working in an office I frequently felt like I needed a change. Most of this came from bordom. I guess I always just felt like I was coming to work and doing the same thing over and over again. I felt like I was in the movei Groundhog Day.
    Sean @ One Smart Dollar recently posted..Life Insurance Has Lasting Effects Well After We’re GoneMy Profile

  2. There’s some stat that says people change jobs/careers 7 times in their lifetimes. I find it somewhat hard to believe, but perhaps! I’m on #3, and my life isn’t half over yet.

    Everything gets boring after a while. Change is good, but preparation is necessary first!

    Best, Sam
    Financial Samurai recently posted..The Best Rewards Credit Card Is The Citi ThankYou CardMy Profile

  3. There were times working in the IT industry where my job felt exactly like the one shown so brilliantly in the movie “Office Space”.. But currently where I sit, I get to be creative and engineer complex multi-tier applications.. I love it, and don’t feel any overwhelming desire to change. The money is good, I enjoy my co-workers, and I am happier at work than I have been in a long time.

    I do wonder,, Does switching to different teams in your own company count as a career (or job) change?
    Jefferson @SeeDebtRun recently posted..Teaching Kids About Money: Leading By ExampleMy Profile

  4. I kind of feel that if you enjoy your job about 70% of the time, you are doing great. That is how I feel at my job right now. I enjoy it most of the time. Would I rather work for myself? Sure, but I’m happy with what I have.

    Honestly, I’m one of those people who thinks that you can never be truly fulfilled by your job. You just can’t. No matter what you hear from people, there are parts to every job that people just don’t enjoy. Maybe you’re a doctor, but you hate doing the paperwork. Maybe you’re a blogger but you hate handling dealing with advertisers. No matter what it is, part of your work will always feel like a job. It is more a matter of whether or not you can tolerate the parts you dislike and how often you are able to enjoy the parts of your job you do like.
    Greg@ClubThrifty recently posted..The VIP Club – Weekly Roundup 5th EditionMy Profile

    • I couldn’t agree more. Jobs weren’t meant to be the happiest part of your day. If your job is the best part of your day, then you are really lucky or really sad, depending on how you view it I guess. While, I don’t think you need to dread each minute you’re at work, you need to look at your job as a way to get the things you want out of life. I like my job about 80% of the time, so that’s pretty good. We have some totally different business ideas for the future, but I’m OK with what I do for now.
      Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Why You Should Visit a National ParkMy Profile

  5. I enjoy my job, but I always feel like there might be something else out there for me. But what?!?
    Michelle recently posted..Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates…My Profile

  6. Most Common Sound i.e Career Changing, it’s a common to hear these words from any employee at any time. Changing Jobs is not an easy task for anyone. I Just want to say that first gain some experience by working for some years. Then an individual should think about switching jobs careers because they have knowledge and experience both which is of great demand in the market.