Controlling Your Own Destiny!

When it comes to getting ahead in life, becoming a better person, saving, being in debt and merely anything in life, we forget that we control our own destiny of the final outcome. Some people get into situations and wonder  why they are there, but if they take a step back and break it all down, step by step, they will soon come to the realization that they controlled their destiny that brought them to the final out, whatever that may be at the given time. When it comes to money, we control our destiny more than anyone. Most people, when it comes to money see the goal of it all is to become rich. No wonder in the finance section of every book store, nearly one third of the books are about millionaires, how to become one, their journey and so on.
The truth is, none of those books share one important secret; its not about the money or being rich. Having a huge net worth, big savings, minor to no debt is just the whole process of the situation. In the end, it’s all about freedom. Freedom is something that money can’t buy. Imagine being debt free, free from getting up every morning to go to a job that you may not really like, free to get up and do anything at any given time, freedom to devote more time to your self, freedom to sleep in every day or the freedom to follow your true passion, whatever that may be. That’s what it’s all about, the money aspect of it all is something that comes and goes.
In the end we all should want this. I know I certainly do. Having a big bank account, fancy car, large home, those don’t mean nothing. They are simply things that are replacable. Freedom is something that money can’t buy and therefore it becomes ireplecable and holds more value than any of those other things.
In order to get the freedom you want, it’s a lot of work, lot’s of obstacles and hurdles in your way and big mountains to climb, but the end result is amazing. A result that money can’t buy and that becomes simply irreplacable. You may find it hard to eat at home instead of going out to eat or to substitute Starbucks latte for having a coffee at home, but it takes a lot of discipline, hard work & getting out of the everyday routine. Remember, you are in control of your destiny.
Control Your Own Destiny:
  • It’s not about being rich
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Follow your passions and dreams
  • Do what makes you happy
  • In the end, its all about the freedom
  • Remember, you control your own destiny



“The secret of happiness if freedom. The secret of freedom is courage”

- Thucydides






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