Dear Insurance Agent, I Wish my Car Insurance Was Cheaper!


car, insurance, quote, car insurance quote, bmw, oldsmobile, young driverDearest insurance agent,

It’s been ages since we last talked. I hope that the New Year is serving you well, and that you’re in the best of spirits.I’m sure you’re over the top busy, since everyone over-spent during the holidays, and are now looking for creative ways to balance their budgets.  I’m sure you’re under pressure having to deal with extra phone calls day in, and day out. I certainly hope you’re hanging in there.

As for me, I’m hanging in there. Santa was really good to me last year, and I managed to come in under my Christmas budget. A little planning goes a long way.  Despite a pretty solid 2011, I’m looking for even greater things for 2012. I’ve already managed to cut down on my home insurance, and I’m hoping that you’d be able to help me in lowering my car insurance.

You know that we’ve been together for well over 7 years, and with no major infractions. Honestly, I’ve been a really solid client. Just ask my driving record. I know you’re not a magician, and I don’t expect you to make magic happen, however I’d like a cheaper auto insurance quote. As a Canadian I have the option of getting a car insurance quote through, as well as from other leading insurance providers.

I don’t think I’m asking for a lot, and you know well that I didn’t throw a fuss at any time you’ve risen rates over the course of last four years. That’s right, four straight years of insurance premium increases. So, baring all the above in mind, I hope you can do something for your old bud – client # AC9908242121341.

Yours Truly,

Loyal Customer of 7 Years


Two weeks later………….the reply!

Dear Loyal Customer of 7 Years,

Thanks for getting in touch with me. I’ve often thought about you, it’s been a long time since last shared a laugh over our favorite double-double coffee from Tims. You should stop by when you’re free. I’m glad not much has changed on your end, and that last year was good to you. I’m hanging in there, finally got rid of that old man in my life (yup, I’m divorced), and I’m back in the fishbowl and on the prowl. Wish me luck!

You’re probably thinking that you’re the only person who writes me asking for a better auto insurance quote, but you’re far from being alone. Today alone, I’ve answered well over thirty letters from loyal customers requesting cheaper auto insurance. And I’ll be frank with you here, you said it your self – I’m no magician. Like I said to others, in order to decrease your auto insurance is not easy as clicking a button. It’s a lot of complex jargon, and shady formulas.

1. Insurance rates have changed again.

There is still some variance in insurance based on the car you drive. Since you drive a 2002 Oldsmobile, versus someone who drives a 2010 BMW, their insurance will be cheaper. It may not make a lot of sense to you, but hear me out. Even though you’re approaching your dirty thirties, and have a clean driving record, you will pay more for auto insurance than the BMW driver in the same age group. Why?

That’s simple. Chances of a 2002 Oldsmobile being in an accident are greater, versus the 2010 BMW. Simply because mostly teenagers drive a 2002 Oldsmobile. Very few teenagers drive a 2010 BMW, simply because they can’t afford it, instead they settle for a cheaper, and more affordable car, such as your 2002 Oldsmobile.

I’m sure you’re well aware that insurance rates are calculated based on probability. So, baring that in mind, there is a less chance of the BMW getting into an accident, simply because the owner knows the cost of replacement is higher, and they will be bound to take greater care of it.

2. The paint colour of your car does not affect your rate.

You are not paying more for insurance due to your car being red. That is simply not true, so don’t believe everything you hear. A paint colour does not justify the driver behind it or the replacement value to re-paint something on your car.

3. Age and driving record.

You know that your age and driving record come into play. If you think back a few years ago, remember how you got a nice break when you turned 25. That’s a special number, because you’re considered an “Adult” in the world of auto insurance. Don’t ask me why, I don’t create the rules.  Obviously if you’re a newer driver, your rates will be high because you are young and inexperienced and have no driving record.  One simply needs to prove them selves. Finally, if you are an older driver with decades of experience and without an accident, then your rates will be high because you are old and due for an accident.

Come to think of it, auto insurance is expensive all around. Young, middle-aged or older, you’re all getting screwed in some fashion. Just some are being more screwed than others.

4. Get hitched.

This one never made much sense to me. If you’re married, your rates are lower. Why? Totally beyond me. I suppose it’s a little extra incentive. So, don’t say insurance companies never give back. I used to have a fairly attractive rate when I was married, so when I fled the nest, I had to search elsewhere for a better auto insurance quote.

Rather than dragging this on forever, I’ll cut to the chase. I can’t lower your insurance rates. Maybe someone else can, but I certainly can’t.

Thanks for your letter though, I always appreciate hearing from my loyal customers. I try my hardest to please, yet one person can’t please everyone. Please don’t take anything personal. Car insurance world is complicated, and sometimes doesn’t even make sense to me.


I’ll advise you of something, and please keep this between us. I know we may not have the most attractive rates out there, but don’t be discouraged or shy for that matter to seek an auto insurance quote elsewhere. Who knows, you may find a more attractive rate, and if you don’t, simply boost your deductible. It’s a sure way of decreasing your insurance rate.

Kind Regards,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Insurance Agent



  1. Hi Eddie,

    The post is hilarious and very cool – love it. Especially the part with red color!
    Btw – if you want to see if you pay for your car insurance too much – check this article from WalletPop (Huffington Post):

    Would love to hear what you think!


    • Hi Alexey,
      Thanks for the compliment.
      I like Insureye, it’s a solid website, and you guys have some pretty neat studies.
      The best part of your insurance studies is that they come from the “consumers” versus insurance companies.

      I sent you a personal email.

      Have a look.

  2. I love the letter format too. Very entertaining. No luck for me in getting a discount on car insurance since BC still has a crown corporation for vehicle insurance and prices are fixed :( I simply increase my deductible as mentioned.
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  3. Funny stuff. I increased my deductibles as the agent suggested after 20 years of safe driving, and sure enough my wife gets into a fender bender. Murphy’s Law in full effect. =(

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  5. u hav made this boring and irritating topic a funnier and easy to understand….thanks for makin me laugh:d

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