Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Canadian International Auto Show Edition


This past weekend I attended the 40th Canadian International Auto Show which was presented at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. As in previous year the show was amazing. I don’t know about you, but I love attending events such as auto shows and sporting events. It gives me a sense of appreciation for being so […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap: Imaginary Facebook Friends Edition!

imaginary facebook friends

Question: Are Facebook friends “Real Friends?” It’s a question that many are asking themselves, and if you haven’t already asked yourself….well maybe you should! One thing that’s for sure though – you the Finance Fox readers rock! Thank you to all of you who have followed Finance Fox on FB, and for those of you […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Las Vegas Super Bowl Edition!

super bowl

This being the Super Bowl weekend, I think the second best place to watch the game is in Las Vegas. First being in New Orleans, but Vegas has an upper edge when it comes to gambling. One of my my favorite things about the Super Bowl is the ability to bet on just about anything […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – RIM Revisting Winning Ways!


Microsoft hasn’t impressed all that much lately. And even with Windows 8 giving it a boost, critics are out in full force. Apple is same old-same old, lots of creative marketing while the product hasn’t changed all that much. Having said that, this has installed fear into the investors and Apple’s stock has been somewhat […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Game On! Hockey is Back!!


Yeah, that NHL labor dispute that threatened to eliminate the hockey season (for the second time in a decade) was finally settled, so they’re set to drop the puck and play out a half-season of hockey!  Who cares, you ask? Well, if you love hockey like myself, you should. Here are three reasons you should […]