Be a Budget-Savvy Holiday Planner


Planning holidays can sometimes feel like a mammoth task, albeit a very pleasant one. There are lots of decisions to be made, from looking at where you would like to go, what type of holiday you would like (beach chic or adventurous safari?!) – even what to pack can be a big decision! Not only […]

Bahrain: A Trendy New Hotspot for Expats

In spite of its size (an estimated 230 million people), the global expat population manages to remain relatively close knit. Trends within the world’s expat community spread quickly, and a new expat hotspot seems to crop up every few years. The latest destination making waves among this group of adventure-loving, sunny-climate-craving, opportunity-seeking professionals? The small […]

Getting the Best Travel Insurance

When budgeting for a vacation many people do assume that travel insurance is just another cost that they could really do without. However, In today’s financial climate insurance is no longer an afterthought it is in fact a vital purchase. Most people will never have to use their travel insurance and that’s a good thing. […]

Going on Vacation When in Debt?


In the personal finance community, there seems to be many common debates: buying new cars versus a used car, self employment and whether it is for you, and whether you should go on a vacation when you are in debt. Now that the warmer weather has passed (for some of us), you might be thinking […]

If You’re Traveling, Don’t Forget To Pack Travel Insurance


Finding a flight with an attractive fare is tough enough these days. On top of the far you’ll more than likely pay additional taxes, surcharges, and baggage handling fees, the last thing you’re looking to do is spend more money by adding travel insurance to your already expensive trip. You’re not alone though, according to […]