Canadian Inflation down to 2% in November

moeny sign

[retweet] Inflation in Canada slipped to 2% last month as prices of most consumer goods either dropped from last year or simply had a moderation in growth. October inflation percentage was at a high of 2.4%, which was also a two year high. The only sign of inflation was a 0.1% jump in prices from […]

Do you have a TFSA Account?


[retweet] In January it will be the second anneversary of the   Tax Free Saving Account aka TFSA, yet 1/3 Canadians either don’t have one or don’t understand how it works. When the government launched this almost 2 years ago, they raved about the benefits, positives and made it a juicy attraction. Yet very little of […]

Key Year End Financial Dates For 2010


With 2010 slowly coming to a close it is an exciting time for all of us. Birthdays, Christmas, Holiday Parties, Christmas Parties, New Years Eve and last but not least, your personal finances for 2010. This is a very busy time for most of us, but it is also a good time to slowly start […]

Thinking of buying an 2nd property? …Read this first!

We’ve all been out with friends, family, co-workers and sooner than later the conversation turns into investing, taxes, home ownership and so on. As the conversation flows and begins to open up, the focal point of the conversation turns to how to pay less taxes and keep more cash in your wallet. I will say this now; avoiding […]