Toronto Property Taxes to Increase by Two Per Cent


This article was written by The dawning of a New Year can only mean three things: New Year’s Resolutions, winter… and tax increases!? Yes, the cost of home-ownership just got a little more expensive in the City of Toronto, as homeowners will see a two per cent increase on their 2013 property tax bill. […]

Inheritance Tax Calculator

inheritance calculator

The UK/US Tax systems rarely work in harmony together, yet given the common UK/US marriages; it is surprising that planning for the future in one country will not be sufficient to cover you in the other. A lack of planning will inevitably hurt the pockets, and will become an irritating and frustrating issue given the […]

I Filed My Taxes, I’m Owing and I’m OK With That!

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This  weekend I got around to completing my taxes, and without much surprise I’m owning the government $1,800 in taxes. You may think that I’m nuts for liking the fact that I owe the government taxes, but I’m okay with that idea. Hopefully all of you are on pace to wrap up your taxes before […]

With a Tory Majority, What’s in it for you?

Stephen Harper_Tory_Torries_Conservative

The elections have come and gone rather quickly. We can now safely say that there will not be another election for another 4 years. The conservatives finally captured their majority government, winning 167 seats. As you already may know, to most Canadians this was expect. One way or another, majority or not, Canadians presumed that […]

I am Canadian! & I got to pay even more income tax!


[retweet] Wheather you are in the world of Marketing like me or work in Tim Horton’s or as  Nurse, well guess what? We’ve been told that we have to pay even more income tax. Nearly every Canadian worker will be faced to pay more in income tax starting January 1st.  The kicker to it all […]