The Key to Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse on Large Purchases

Whether you’re buying a new house, a new car, or another big item, buyer’s remorse is common. Putting down those deposits or laying down a load of money is enough to make anyone get sweaty palms and a nauseous, acidic stomach. Rather than suffering from those feelings after buying something you don’t really want, learn […]

Why is Printer Ink Expensive?

printer ink expensive

Why is printer ink expensive? Many years ago, wireless phone companies started offering subsidies on new devices to induce customers to sign long-term contracts. Nearly a century ago, Gillette gave away razors at reduced prices in order to increase the sales of their high-end razors. But when it comes to ink jet printers, it’s often […]

Worth Spending $10K on the Engagement Ring? Apparently, Yes!

engagement ring, wedding, marriage, diamond

Eddie is a cool dude. I also think all of you, his readers, are pretty smart, I know a lot of you and I respect your opinions for the most part. However, he recently wrote about how much men should spend on engagement rings and he’s in the group that thinks that men should go […]

What was Your First Big Purchase?


Hello everyone. It’s been slow lately on my end, and in my many daily ventures of reading other blogs and newspapers, I thought about bigger purchases we make in life. So, I wanted to share with you my first big purchase was, and at the same time find out about yours was as well. Call […]

Change is Good – Glad I Switched to an iPhone

iphone 4s, iphone, apple

As you may know a few weeks ago the new Apple iPhone 5 was released, and the buzz has been anything but short of overwhelming. It’s a good thing for Apple, but not so much for the consumers because at a cost of more than $700, it’s anything but cheap. If you’re a techy geek […]