Even in Tough Times – 7 Ways to Give


Giving is powerful, and it’s contagious. One the most rewarding aspects of personal finance, is the ability to give back. However, we’re all in different financial situations and not everyone can give back financially. Maybe this year, times were tough for you and giving back was tough. Maybe, like my self, you were working towards […]

Do You Give Your Spare Change to a Homeless Person?

homeless person, spare change, canada, giving, philanthropy

Sharing with others , when you have abundance goes way back in history. Giving back in any form is the simplest act of human kindness. Money, food, positive words and even something simple as a smile are just some ways of giving. Despite numerous avenues to give and a number of opportunities throughout each day, not […]

Successful 1st Food Drive Orginized by Yours Truly

philanthropy, food drive, food, giving, community, donations

Back in September I got talking with my brother regarding philanthropy and how today’s society needs more more people willing to give back. This form of giving back can be in any way; donating their time, resources, money or even food. After this brief discussion en route home, I thought about; “What can I do to […]