Revisiting 2011 Goals – Final Results

  Setting goals is extremely important for me. When I started this blog, I wanted to set some goals to keep my self accountable. Setting goals is one thing, however it’s even more important to evaluate your performance toward those goals so that you can understand where you can improve and where you excelled. To […]

From Homeless To Successful – The Story Of One Entrepreneur

Doina Oncel, Enterperneur, Business Owner, PR, Tech

Just like my self, Doina Oncel immigrated to Canada at the young age of 17 in search of a better life. Except, in my case I immigrated to Canada when I was 10. Never the less, we both share something in common – We came to Canada for a greater opportunities. Shortly after moving to […]

Goodbye Credit-Card Debt – 347 Days Later!

debt, freedome, credit card debt, credit card, APR, interest, money

I started Finance Fox around the same time I had enough with my current debt situation. Being $9,000 in debt is not something to laugh about. Despite that a lot of people in today’s society consider that amount of debt to be the norm. I did too, for years. Then I wanted change. I wanted […]

The Best & Worst of My Financial Decisions


  Over the course of our lives we make a lot of financial decisions. Most of them for the better hopefully and some others for the worst. Looking back at my financial decisions I’ve made, especially the ones within the last ten or so years, I can definitely attest to making some really poor decisions […]

Fight against hunger and I’m joining it!


I’ve been contemplating this for a long time and have finally decided to join the fight against hunger. I joined my local food bank program. Despite my busy schedule, I’ve decided to take upon this challenge. After months of talking about it with some co-workers, friends, family and business connections, I felt confident enough to […]