Proof Is in the Pudding: Marketing Does Work!

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Marketing does work and the proof is in the pudding! Recently I wrote a guest post at a friends blog titled, “Maybe you don’t need that iPad.” The whole idea behind the post was to focus on the personal finance aspect of buying an iPad through asking yourself questions such as, “Do I really need […]

Innovative Marketing Methods to Increase Revenue Streams


With the economic cauldron of financial uncertainty engulfing the ambition of small business owners and rising concerns surrounding the economy’s pace, businesses are seeking new innovative marketing methods to generate revenue and maintain competitiveness.  We can however be delighted that the fighting spirit of small businesses is definitely resonating through with recent figures from Experian […]

Small Businesses And Poor Customer Service – One Customers Rant

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I’m sure you all read a post like this elsewhere at some point, so it wont be a big newsflash to most. So, let me start off by saying: I am huge on customer service. I expect quality customer service everywhere that I shop, sadly reality is different. I firmly believe that customer service is […]

Goals Are Just Guidelines

I saw a friend recently that I haven’t seen in months. We got talking over drinks and basically catching up on what’s been happening in our lives since we saw each other last. One topic of conversation that stood out was goals. Like, goals that we set for our selves daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. […]