Another Riches to Rags Story

riches to rags

I can’t help it, but I find riches to rags stories quite amusing. Even though I’m certainly not the type to laugh at anyone’s misfortunes, riches to rags stories are certainly a huge laugh for me. Fame has its rewards. Big money, fancy hotels, large wheels, expensive homes and trophy wives. Notice I said wives […]

The Cost of a Ski Weekend Getaway

ski weekend

Even though this year has gotten off to a shotgun start, the last week or so has been stressful. So, I decided to take a time out and have a small ski weekend getaway. Even though there’s been a lot going on this year – between the redesign of Finance Fox, media company incorporation and […]

Thought You Should Know: Google Owns Your Online Identity


Love it or hate it, Google owns your online identity. We all love their products so much that we use them everyday. Much of my own blogging business relies heavily on Google – everything from four Gmail accounts, Google+, algorithm search, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and of course the Google search engine – worlds […]

Why Are Americans Clueless About Canada?

canada, america, united states, american-canadian flag

I know you may be thinking that I’m being a little radical with today’s post by asking the question in the title – Why are Americans clueless about Canada? But it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I visit the United States anywhere from 8-10 times a year for business and […]

Responsible Holiday Party Hosting

drunk, holiday party, responsible holiday party hosting

Tis the season to be merry, happy, joyful and thankful for everything you’ve got. It’s also the time of the year that you’ll likely attend or host a fair share of holiday parties. With two weeks to go until Christmas, and twenty days until the new year, I’ve already attended my work holiday party and […]