Spread Betting on House Prices

spread betting

The average cost of a house in England and Wales is now £163,376, 0.7 percent more than the year before. Prices rose most – five percent – in London, which is traditionally volatile, and fell most in Wales, by 3.2 percent. House prices, like an oil tanker, take an age to turn, which makes for […]

Potential Gold Investment Benefits


For a lot of people, the concept of investing in a tangible resource such as gold bullion is somewhat foreign, and somewhat strange. In fact, even those who have a good deal of experience in finances and investments often have very little experience with regard to dealing in gold, which makes this a very unique […]

4 Investing Rules – Rule # 2 – Stock Market Will Always Bounce Back!

s&p 500_10 yr returns

  I’m sure you’ve noticed that majority of investors today are defensively investing, and who can blame them after the big crash of 2008. Presently very few investors have faith in the long term growth of the stock market. Rather than investing with long term in mind, investors have become more aware, yet slightly burned, […]

4 Investing Rules – Rule # 1 – Better to be a Home Owner Versus Renting

renting-vs-home ownership

  Few months ago, I wrote a series of posts called: 7 Tactics to Financial Liberty.  I thought it would be a good idea to share my own four investing rules. I’m no investment whiz or a financial advisor, in fact I’m far from both. So, these rules are my own and that I run […]

Active versus Passive Investing Management

investing-couch potato-rrsp-investment-tfsa-management

Despite all the doom and gloom, investing is not a waste of money. You just have to know where to invest your money. Reading a lot helps. Reading and deciphering the information helps even more. And when investing, investors make the choice to actively or passively manage their investments. I’m sure most of you know […]