Top Life Investments That Are Commonly Over Looked

There are many types of life investments that are worth trying in order to help with your personal finances and future plans. However, keeping an uplifting positive attitude is not enough to attain good returns from an investment in the short term. Whether you have already invested or are just planning to do it now, […]

How Marriage Will Change the Way Finances are Handled

Getting married can wreak havoc on your finances. When you get married you and your spouse need to agree on how you will handle money as well as what bank accounts you will maintain. Combining your finances with your new spouse can either be a curse or a blessing, depending on how financially responsible they […]

The Importance of Life Insurance

life insurance

I’m the first one to admit that insurance as a subject in general is pretty dull. You can say that comparing insurance quotes is anything but an exciting task. Despite the fact that insurance is dull, we all need some form of insurance – particularly life insurance. Up until a few years ago, I used […]

8 Amazing Ways to Save on Car Insurance

save on car insurance, insurance, car, auto insurance

There are certainly many different ways to save on car insurance, yet sometimes we fail to utilize all of our available options. Equally there are also many articles that are geared towards helping you save on car insurance, but which savings options are the best? How do we know whether they’re true and not just […]

Sometimes Accidents Just Happen


Dealing with stress, multitasking and watching your step can prove to be slightly tricky when having to do all these things at once. Therefore, accidents can easily occur and may lead to injuries. These trip and slip incidents can take place at home, at work, at someone else’s house, on a shop’s premises and even […]