Will You Sending Your Boss a Holiday Card?

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If you already haven’t, and with less then a week to go until Christmas, will you sending your boss a holiday card? Keeping professionalism in the office is pretty clear – you pickup the phone, reply to emails, update your peers through the phone, email or visiting someone’s office. But personal communication gets a little […]

Budget Holidays in Canada

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Everyone goes on holiday and we all know that holidays can be expensive so I’ve put some ideas together that could help you think about getting away locally in Canada for cheap instead of flying out internationally. Whether you want a city break, or a countryside getaway, Canada can offer you everything you desire. Not […]

Happy Father’s Day: Life Lessons Dad Taught Us

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Today we celebrate Father’s Day by paying homage to our greatest hero – Dad. These special men in our lives who are charismatic, and hard-working role models that show their undivided devotion to the family time and time again. These are the same men that taught us to chase our dreams, face life head on, […]

Stat Holidays Are the Reason Why I Want To Strangle The Easter Bunny!

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Presently in Canada there are approximately 200 departments, agencies, commissions, crown corporations and councils that create over 500,000 civil servant jobs in Canada. Civil servants are hard working people, but than again who isn’t in today’s modern society. One thing that differs civil servants from the majority of the Canadian workforce is the amount of […]

Valentines Day Special – Love versus Career

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Choosing between having a career or making time for love is a tough decision, no matter which way you look at it. Some will say that choosing between love or career is simply common knowledge. Definitely it is common knowledge, yet it’s still a tough decision that a lot of people face daily. There are […]