How You May Be Getting Ripped Off Everyday

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If your wallet is feeling a little light these days, it may be because you’re getting ripped off on products or services you’re purchasing. Ripoffs are everywhere these days, some can be avowed; other you simple can’t. The kicker to groin area is that these ripoffs are perfectly legal, yet they add up, leaving you […]

11 Things I Don’t Buy And Do Without


I’ve been part of the frugal game for nearly two years now, and it has paid dividends time and time again. Most of my teen years, and early twenties I considered frugality lame, cheap, and slightly dirty. Today I embrace it wholeheartedly. The simple logic of frugality is to save as much money on a […]

What Dating Etiquette? Coupons Are Sexy On First Dates!


Looking to impress your next date? Simply use a coupon. Yes, you read that right, coupons are sexy even on first dates. Money can be tight at times in the uncertain times we live in, and coupons are a perfect way to offset some of the dinner cost on a first date. Perhaps you’re not […]

How Do You Tip?

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Photo Credit:  John Storey/The Chronicle Earlier this week I got talking with a friend on the etiquette surrounding tipping, and the proper course when dealing with service industry in general. We mutually agreed that we both tip the servers at sit-down dinners and  at hair salons after a haircut. This conversation made me think, and […]

One Family’s Money Tale


I have played soccer most of my life and through many years of playing experienced the sour taste of losing and the joys of victory. Trust me, I prefer one over the other and I’m sure you can guess which one I’m referring to. I’m pretty certain that nobody likes losing, however in order to […]