Good-Bye To Cigarettes and Hello Life!

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Saying goodbye to cigarettes was the hard part and not one that most people are ready to take. Welcoming back life was the prize and that’s all we needed. Growing up everyone around me smoked. It wasn’t uncommon and still isn’t today to see young kids running around the UK with a fag hanging out […]

How Your Finances Affect Your Health

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Do you think your health affects your finances? Or is it the other way around with your finances affecting your health? With the world economy the way that it currently stands, it’s nearly impossible to not be constantly thinking about money. With student loans, car loans, mortgage payments, day care, private school, gas costs and […]

Why Pay for Something When it’s Free?

My Home Gym

Let me start off by saying this and getting it off my chest: I’m not a gym rat. I never was and probably never will be. I’ve been a member of about five gyms, over the course of 10 years, each unique in it’s own way. Most of these gym’s had a full weight gym, […]

Thursday Life Ramblings

Here we are in December already, with only 23 days till Christmas. This year sure flew by and the summer seems like such a long time ago. Never the less, today is also exactly a month since I started this blog and wrote my first posting. I went into it with one goal, to eliminate […]