The Importance of Building a Solid Email Marketing List

email marketing

You might have heard the expression before, “It’s all in the list.” What they’re referring to is an email marketing list and using it as a powerful tool that can extend your reach beyond your blog and instantly create opportunities for new sales. If you simply sell to customers when they happen to visit your […]

Doing Business With Friends – Could It Work?

doing busienss with friends

Doing business with friends can sometimes have negative results despite our best intentions. Even with our best hopes, what starts out as a seemingly safe and mutually-beneficial project or interaction can turn into anything from a minor embarrassment to a major nightmare. I’ve always been thankful for having good working relations with others. I’m very […]

4 Ways To Use Promotional Products To Market Your Business

promotional items, stress balls

When I first started out with my cleaning business and was making my rounds with cold call drop-ins, I always had a business card to drop off after every sales pitch. Then it dawned on me one day that I’m probably one of many sales people who comes by every week to drop off a […]

Entrepreneurs – Don’t Let Stress Hold You Back!

(*ps, I apologize for the editing/spacing, WP is not cooperating today) The beautiful part of working for someone else is that you know that every two weeks you’ll get paid a given amount. Sure, there are days that you leave the office and you’re exhausted, lagging and stressed out. Despite all the minor setbacks in […]