Students Love Online Learning – Here’s Why

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As technology grows, it is becoming easier and easier for people to get an education with online learning.  Students love it because it offers them things that bricks and mortar educational facilities often cannot offer.  They get access to professional education opportunities that increase their abilities to find employment in a wide variety of careers. […]

The Importance of the English Language in Relevance to the GDP


Thanks to Olan Ahern for creating the above graphic. He is s a former Erasmus student who now works on behalf of Pearson PTE specialists in English Language Tests.

The Secret to Success in Life is Investing in Yourself


For the last eight years, every August I get the coursebook from my local community college which I graduated from eight years ago. Seems like yesterday I was trolling down the hallways, and living the life of a college student. Like every year, the course book becomes great toilet reading material – this year was […]

Student Loans – A Growing Headache For Some


I grew up in an household where my immigrant parents preached education heavily.Only in the last two years of high school did I start to take school more seriously, and realized the importance of studying hard in order to be accepted to college. It was embedded in my head that a college diploma was the […]

7 Things About Reality That Business Education Never Taught Me!

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  I wanted to use this post by reflecting on my past and comparing it to the present. Since graduating from business (Marketing major) school seven years ago, I gained some pretty insightful experience with seven years in the real working world. I enjoyed school and continue to enjoy learning. I suppose I will be […]