Investments That Come Off Safe but Build Huge Debt

Investing can seem that a really sensible thing to do with your money. Putting some away so that it gains value is a good way of getting more money and it is easy as once you make the investment you have to do nothing more but to leave it to earn interest. However, despite this […]

Top 4 Ways to Get Your Finances Under Control


If you’re strapped for cash following the festive season, now might be a good time to assess your finances. A little organization can go a long way, so gather your bank statements, utility bills and final notice letters together and take control of your finances. Clear your debt quickly Did you apply for a credit […]

Things to Know Before You File For Bankruptcy


Every month thousands of Canadians that are faced with high-debt and consider bankruptcy as a way to crawl out, get some breathing room and avoid being crushed by debt. While most jump into bankruptcy with both feet prior to doing some research and learning, bankruptcy serves a purpose but is for everyone. Filing a personal […]

Establishing Your Credit After Financial Difficulties

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Establishing your credit after financial difficulties is no easy feat. It’s time consuming and takes a lot of persistence. In today’s post-crisis economy, good credit isn’t just nice to have — it’s essential if you want to level the playing field with lenders. Until the financial crisis hit, a 720 FICO credit score was enough […]

4 Avoidable Money Mistakes


When it comes to money, there are avoidable money mistakes no matter whom you are or at what age. Most of us are aware of basic personal finance rules to negotiate, comparison shop, avoid debt, save money and live within your means. Despite these basic rules of success with money, sometimes we get careless and […]