Payday Loans Not Just For Low Income Earners


Payday loans are often looked down upon and more often associated to be for those with lower incomes or for those struggling to find money at the end of the month. This is the society’s assumption, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Payday loans are being used increasingly by high income earners for […]

Determining If a Payday Loan Is Right For You

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Credit is a funny topic, sometimes we have too much available to us when we don’t need it, and other times we simply don’t have enough when we actually need the credit. There are many forms of credit available to us such as lines-of-credit, credit-card cash advance, personal loans, payday loans, and traditional secured lines […]

How To Get Money Fast, Even With Rough Credit


We’ve all run into some trouble with credit in the past. Some of us ended up with sub-par credit score, and others have ended up with terrible credit scores. Having a rough credit past does not make anyone a bad person. There is always time to turn it around, starting building up your credit history […]

How to Access Cash in a Hurry


Growing up we are taught to be one step ahead in order to be ready for an emergency. Your home is equipped with smoke detectors, and your car carries a spare tire in the trunk, but are you equipped for a financial emergency? Do you have an emergency account set aside for those unexpected emergencies? […]

Think Before You Decide to Borrow


I’m not the type to encourage borrowing. But the truth is that sometimes debt can be a good thing. Mortgages and student loans are considered by many to be good debt. And in fact they are if we let go of the traditional thoughts on what debt actually is considered. A mortgage, for example, allows […]