Choosing a Credit Card Carefully

There are some products and services that you need to put some elbow grease into shopping around for. Think of the most important purchases you have made in the last few years. Are there any you would do differently if you had a second chance? When it comes to finance services and products, you should […]

Team Up with Other Businesses

One of the easy ways to cut business costs is to pool. Get in touch with other businesses in the same industry as you and find out where they get their supplies. Talk it over and decide on the percent that you want to save on supplies (10%, 20%, etc.). Then approach different suppliers and […]

Using a Credit Card to Seperate Business and Personal Expenses

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Ever since I became credit card debt free, I’ve gone down from multiple credit cards to a single non-reward credit card with a very attractive interest rate of only 5.4 per cent. You can say that I never fully trusted myself with credit cards since I became debt free. I figured having only one credit […]

Do You Carry The Wrong Credit Card?

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Why did you choose your credit card? Was the plastic in your wallet picked for the right reasons? It’s a question that applies to literally millions of Canadians – 85 per cent of us carry a credit card, according to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Not only that, but another 58 per cent report […]

Sometimes You Just Can’t Win, Even When Merchants Offer a Cash Discount!

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So, over the weekend I was pumping gas, and when I went inside to pay I noticed the local gas-station had a big sign up promoting a cash discount – “Pay in cash, and receive a 2 cent off per liter off of your total gas purchase – NO Credit”. This is a decent cash […]