Some Parking Tickets May Be Bogus, But They Can Still Haunt You!

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Today’s post will be a quickie. When it comes to paying parking tickets or any other ticket for that matter they say – Google first, pay later. This seems to be the invaluable advice with most things today. It is also said – no good deed goes unpunished. A saying that’s only true from one […]

5 Full Proof Ways To Beat Rising Gas Prices

$1.22 per litre gasoline

Long gone are the days of paying 65 cents per liter to gas up your car. Prices of gas at the pump are rising daily, and its our due diligence to put up a fight by saving money every time we fill our car. Every year we keep getting impressed with the technology in cars, […]

Car Buying Guide – Part 3 – Buying New vs.Used Vehicle

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Choosing to buy a new vehicle versus buying used can sometimes be a tough decision. The financing options can vary drastically from financing a new vehicle vs. financing a used vehicle. The reality is this; it’s hard to beat 0% financing offered on some new vehicles, and not to mention the manufacturers warranty that you […]

Car Buying Guide – Part 2 – Financing Your New Vehicle Purchase


Lease or Finance? The quick response to the question of whether it’s best to lease or finance a new car is to simply pay cash. It’s the most simplest option, and also happens to be the least expensive one as well. But, like most Canadians, I wasn’t in the position to drop $20k on the […]

Car Buying Guide – Part 1 – I Bought a New Used Car


Personal finance has a lot of rules, and one of the cardinal rules of it is NEVER EVER buy a new vehicle. This cardinal rule is backed by two arguments; A) New cars depreciate faster and B) Used cars are cheaper and easier to afford. I’ve always followed this rule, and only bought used cars […]