The Road to Redemption

road to redemption

The road to redemption starts today with this post. What has transpired nearly a week ago was as much of a surprise to myself as it was to many of you. Never the less, I’m not here to claim innocence, but instead stand up and take ownership for what has transpired. After all I am […]

Don’t Ignore Your Readers You Fool!

blog readers

Okay, I’ll start off by admitting something in this post that I generally wouldn’t admit otherwise – I’m not the greatest commenter in terms of volume, but certainly make the effort when the time allots. However, I hate when I leave a comment and get no acknowledgement. Sorry to say but that’s quite shallow in […]

Two Year Blogiversary – Celebrating Success Thanks to You!

two year blogiversary, finance fox, blogiversary

November 2010 was the first time I published my first post on this blog. Looking back now it was pretty cheesy and the post even contained a cheesy logo that I threw together in paint. Since then this blog has come a long way. 3,360 comments and 455 posts later, I can honestly say that […]

A Few Points On Protecting Your Online Reputation

AVG Digital Diaries

I’m not the one to write so much about non-personal finance stuff. This after all is a personal finance blog, so I generally tend to leave other topics for the bloggers that write within that niche. However, every so often I like to dabble outside the personal finance realm, and today is one of those […]

CPFC 2012 Highlights and the Importance of Investing in Yourself and Your Blog Through Confernces

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Almost a month ago I wrote a post on the importance of investing in yourself for optimal success in life. In the post I listed eight ways to invest in yourself today for a bright future, and one of the eight things I listed was networking. Everywhere you go, you should take the opportunity to […]