Bullying – Only a Past Childhood Memory

bully, bullying, bullies, high school, schoolI was fortunate enough to escape middle school and high school without much bullying. I didn’t even know what bullying was back then. Sure there were the cool kids, the geeks and kids like my self lost somewhere in between the geeks and the cool kids. I guess you can say I was fairly lucky. I never had a big tormenting bully during those years. However, times have changed and bullying is increasingly coming into the spotlight across different schooling systems. Thinking back, there were times I wish I was more liked by the cool kids, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I was the lost kid amongst my peers, sometimes disliked, other times liked a lot and most of the time stuck somewhere in between.

Most of my middle school days I was poked at for having crooked teeth. Yeah my teeth were not a pretty scene. I needed braces badly, but my parents just couldn’t afford it.

Fortunately my prayers were answered and my wish came through at beginning of grade 8.

My parents worked full-time and both hard part-time jobs on the side. Due to mostly hard work, they decided to take out a $5,000 loan and purchase braces for me.

I’ll never forget starting grade 8 with braces. I was stoked and not to mention my popularity sky rocketed. Suddenly I was liked more by other students. And those who made their rounds the school bullying others suddenly got off of my back.

Eventually high school came around. Those who made fun of me for my crooked teeth, suddenly didn’t exist anymore. All of a sudden I was cool for having braces and eventually bullying was a thing of past.

A few short years passed by and my braces were off. I was smiling even when I didn’t have to. I wanted to show off my new smile. Even though I endured some bullying through middle school, I managed to escape high school unscratched.

I was not a popular kid by any stretch of the imagination, but as my childhood memories serve me, high school was not all that bad. I was far from a perfect student or gifted as they called it then. There were the jocks who played all the sports, I only played soccer and football. And despite trying out numerous times for the basketball and volleyball teams, I never made the cut – I wasn’t tall enough.

Eventually high school came to an end and everyone went their separate ways. Some of the school bullying artists never graduated. Others went off to colleges and universities.

I never managed to keep in touch with many high school peers. We all sort of went out separate ways. Some went on to finish college or university, others never graduated anything and went straight into the workforce.

And for the high school bullying artists, well nothing came of them, other than becoming fathers at very early ages and working dead end jobs. I guess they got what they deserved after many years of bullying others.

I was never fond of bullying and never took part in any participation in my younger days. Even during college days I tried to prevent it. Even though I was cool again and hung out with the upper crowd, I bravely went against those cruel bullying monsters who made fun of others and their misfortunes.

When I think about it now in hindsight, I am fond of my self for not participating in bullying activities.

Eventually I graduated from college and bullying became a thing of the past.

I look back now and I can proudly say that I’m pretty proud of my accomplishments. Despite not being the cool kid growing up, I am doing alright now.

Karma is a bitch and I’m a huge believer in it. Eventually the day comes when we all get our due.

The same bullying artists who made fun of me at times are barely making it by today. Struggling with child support payments, addictions of all sorts and working dead end jobs.

As for the cool jocks, who once had all the tail at their disposal and played every sport imaginable, are now rolling single, overweight and still living at home as they enter their thirties.

Times change and eventually we all get what we deserve.

Recently, while thinking back to high school times, I recall trying to date a girl named Lisa. She was cool, a total “10″ by high school standards and always part of the inner crowd. We shared many classes and a lot of mutual friends. However, I wanted to share more, like an ice cream bar or popcorn at the movies. Unfortunately my time never came. I guess you can say I wasn’t cool enough.

A year ago I ran into the same Lisa from high school at the grocery store. We exchanged numbers and decided to get together for coffee.

This was ten years in the making and maybe I’ll finally get my chance to date this girl.

High school has long passed and now we’ve only got childhood memories to share. Lisa has changed a lot as well. She isn’t the same person she was before. Tough times came along. The coolness eventually faded.

She was entering her thirties slightly overweight. I guess the weight issue came about after discovering her fiancee of five years on a dating website three months before the wedding, only to call the wedding off.

Me on the other hand, I was just starting out. She couldn’t believe how much I changed. She loved the new glasses, hair style and kept asking me about my $250 loafers. Who cares, I thought to my self. They ‘re only shoes.

Furthermore, she was amazed at the fact I was already a homeowner at a fairly young age and how well I was doing in my career. Yes, she was amazed. And so was I.

I kept wondering what happened to the Lisa I knew. The cool person, who was tough as a rock and had every guy at her disposal. I wasn’t used to this Lisa, who was lost, a bit chubby, still living at home and insecure as hell. I suppose I don’t blame her for the insecurity, because any human being who knows what love is would be insecure too after discovering their ex on a dating site during the months leading up to the wedding.

It took me ten years to finally run into this person. I finally realized that bullying never did pay off for those bullies. Even though Lisa was never a bully towards my self, she was at times to others. And let’s not forget I wasn’t cool enough to date her. Somehow everyone else got the chance before me.

In the end, we all get what we deserve. What goes around, eventually comes around.


  1. You have eloquently written about many of my post H.S. experiences and I love the portion about bullying. I think, someday, I need to write about my experience as one of the smallest boys, and always the new kid (parents moved a lot) – it wasn’t easy.

    But I look at where folks who were cool, or tough are now and where I am at – I am content, even tickled pink.

    Fantastic post. Expect to see it in our 14 best articles we read this month!
    Sustainable PF recently posted..Sustainable Living with a Growing FamilyMy Profile

    • SPF thanks for the kind words.
      Bullying is never tough and I hated all those who did it to me and the fools (adults) who try to do it today. It’s sad, however, we all get what we deserve.

      Thanks for your comment!
      Eddie recently posted..Bullying – Only a Past Childhood MemoryMy Profile

      • Don’t get me wrong Eddie, bullying is one thing – but this whole reflection on our childhood experiences, and where the people we knew then ended up. “Cool”, (quotes for all of the next 4 words): dysfunctional, jocks, druggies, rich, poor – is somethng I have thought about at length. A product of Facebook I think. I never wondered about a ton of people until FB. And they didn’t think about me either … and i’m OK with that.
        Sustainable PF recently posted..Sustainable Living with a Growing FamilyMy Profile