8 Tips to Save Money on Gas

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If you’re looking for some ways to shave a few dollars off your household spend, one possibility is to spend less on gas, by following some of these fuel economizing tips.

REMOVE excess items. Excess weight in your vehicle means you’re spending more in fuel than you really need to, because you’re using up extra fuel in moving that weight. Take out anything that doesn’t have to be in your car, E.g. tools or equipment – clean out the trunk!

WATCH your speed. Each vehicle has a different optimum speed with regards to fuel economy, and you can find out the optimum speed of your vehicle from the manufacturer itself. If traveling a long distance, try to keep at the optimum speed to save money. Anything above this speed will be increasingly costly in terms of your gas mileage.

DRIVE with care. You don’t need to accelerate all the way to the traffic lights or junction, then brake rapidly. It’s not fuel efficient. Wherever possible, let the vehicle slow down of its own accord using its own weight as a brake, and brake when you eventually need to. On the other hand, rapid acceleration also consumes more fuel, so try to increase your speed gradually. You might have to change the driving habits of a lifetime, but it will be worth it in terms of the cash in your pocket.

MONITOR tire threads & condition. If your tires are in bad condition, it can mean that you’re spending more on fuel than you need to be. Make sure your tires are properly inflated to a level specified in the manufacturer’s handbook. It improves your gas mileage. Remove snow tires after the winter season as they require more fuel. Well-maintained tires mean a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

KILL the A/C. You don’t need the air conditioning to run all the time – did you know that it uses fuel? Use it sparingly, only on the hottest and stickiest of summer days if necessary. Cracking open the windows while traveling can cause enough of a breeze – but keep in mind that open windows can also lower fuel efficiency at higher speeds. You have to find a happy medium.

BUY a fuel efficient car! While this solution isn’t going to be instantly feasible to everyone, it’s worth keeping in mind when you next switch your vehicle. Consider the type of journeys you will be undertaking and the type of car that will provide for this in the most efficient manner.

COUPON hunt! From time to time, the various gas companies give out coupons for a few cents discount per litre. Husky seem to do this quite frequently. Keep an eye out for coupons. Or even consider using a gas credit card so you get a percentage cash-back when buying from that company.

DON’T drive! While this can seem a little extreme, I don’t mean for you not to drive at all – some trips are necessary. But I am sure that there are some small journeys that you undertake which could be either taken by foot, or by bike, weather permitting. It’s good for you and will save you on gas. :) In terms of work, consider the possibility of telecommuting – working from home. If you can possibly work from home 1 to 2 days per week, you could be saving hundreds of dollars per year in commuting costs. If you must travel to work, consider car-pooling with someone from your workplace. By sharing with someone, you’re almost halving your commuting costs in an instant.


These are just a few methods that you can use to try and reduce the gas costs for your vehicle. Being sensible and conscientious when it comes to your vehicle can lead to savings of hundreds of dollars per year. Do you have any more tips on how to save on gas?


  1. I’m not even sure how people can afford cars these days. Between maintenance, insurance, parking and gas, I’d be so broke..

    Transit is a huge pain sometimes, but it’s a financial no-brainer for me. I’ll be on the road at some point, though!
    SavingfromScratch recently posted..GMAT Dollars and SenseMy Profile

    • Driving is expensive, especially in bigger cities like Toronto. Insurance is through the roof and not to mention all the gridlock.

  2. Whoops you forgot one… get a good bicycle and included is a free “gym membership” at the same time. If anyone asks me why I am in shape I always tell them my bicycle is my gym membership!

  3. I try to do all of these. I don’t drive unless it’s necessary, keep my tire pressure right, keep everything that isn’t necessary out of my car. I’m sure it helps! Good tips :)
    Daisy @ Add Vodka recently posted..Birth Order and Finances: My TakeMy Profile

    • It does help somewhat I agree, but the only true way of saving on gas is A) Diesel Engine B) Small Engine C) Driving normally.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Mr Fox :) x
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