5 Full Proof Ways To Beat Rising Gas Prices

Long gone are the days of paying 65 cents per liter to gas up your car. Prices of gas at the pump are rising daily, and its our due diligence to put up a fight by saving money every time we fill our car. Every year we keep getting impressed with the technology in cars, such as Mazda’s Sky Active technology or Ford’s Hybrid engines, but even the latest technology isn’t enough as very few of us are driving cars with such technology due to the high cost. If you’re like my self, then you probably drive a standard engine car, so here are FF we wanted to share with you five full proof ways to tackle the rising gas prices, so you can come out on top as the winner.

Become a Wholesaler Member

We all know that wholesalers like Costco and Sam’s Club (for those of you closer to the border) offer items for much cheaper versus traditional grocery stores. The savings these wholesalers offer go beyond groceries and household items, and includes gas. One place that consistently sales gas for less is Costco or Sam’s Club. I’ve been a Costco member for the last 5 years, it’s annual membership of $55 is well worth it for gas alone. I also took out a Sam’s Club Membership 3 years ago, and I ensure to fill up gas every time I’m in Buffalo for a day shopping trip. If you drive a standard engine car like my self, you can easily save $3-4 every time with a 60 liter fill up.

Stay One Step Ahead

Stay ahead of the game by frequently visiting TomorrowsGasPriceToday.com to find out if the price at the pump is going to rise tomorrow. The website is pretty accurate, and it bases its predictions on weekly industry reports that measure crude oil inventory and output levels.

You Don’t Need Premium

If anyone has ever told you that higher octane gas will help you pass your next emission test or give you better fuel economy – both of these statements are myths. If you own a vintage car or an older clunker, your car can definitely benefit from higher octane fuel. Even then you don’t need to fill it with high octane fuel often, once a month is plenty. Car technology is ever changing, and today’s cars are built to perform efficiently on regular fuel. I’ll use my car for example, and if you’ve been following FF lately I shared with you that I purchased a BMW, and have been fueling up my entry level luxury vehicle with regular fuel. Even with regular fuel, I still get great performance and fuel economy, and about once per month I fill up my car with premium fuel to give it that extra care.

Mid-Week Gas Is The Most Expensive

Prices do rise in the summer for the simple reasons that the gas blend costs more to produce. The summer gas is more cleaner than the winter gas, therefore resulting in lower emissions during hot summer months. Furthermore, most people believe that gas prices rise significantly before long weekends, and this may be true in certain parts of the country, however generally this is a myth. Think about it – gas is all about supply and demand. If everyone leaves the city to go drive to the cottage for the weekend, who’ll fill up gas within the city? What would be the point of increasing the gas price at the pumps within the city if everyone goes up to their cottage? Obviously it doesn’t make much sense.

On the contrary, gas prices are most expensive mid-week for two reasons. First, mostly everyone will need to fill up mid-week in order to get through two to three more days of driving to work. Secondly, gas dealers who supply the pumps eliminate their discounts mid-week that they offered to the gas pump owners. Again its comes down to supply and demand.

Highway Fuel Is More Expensive

Again we’ll go back to supply and demand. Filling up gas on your trip alongside of the highway will be more expensive. You need gas, you need it now, and you can’t drive any further unless you fill up, so you’ll pay 10 cents more per liter because you have no other option. If you drove 10 kilometers into town in the same city, you’d pay significantly less per liter.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into having the latest phone apps, you should look into getting the GasBuddy mobile app to scout for the cheapest gas prices anywhere you’re located across North America. Another suggestion that a friend shared with me is to never fill gas from a gas station that’s getting a fresh delivery of gas. All the fresh fuel that gets dumped to the bottom of the station’s fuel barrels awakens the sediment that’s been sitting there for years and creates unclean fuel. Eventually all the sediment will drop to the bottom again, but in order to protect your car it’s never wise to pump at the same time that the tanker is replenishing the stations gas.

Readers, could you suggest any other full proof ways to beat rising gas prices?



  1. Here in Vancouver they definitely jack up the gas prices right before the weekend. This past weekend is was right up to $1.50/liter! Yes, the provincial government out here taxes us to death.

    That is an interesting tip about avoiding filling up when a gas station receives a fresh delivery. It makes sense to me, but I wonder how long it takes that sediment to settle again.
    Modest Money recently posted..Putting Your Health Before Your FinancesMy Profile

    • Yes, the sediment at gas stations is interesting. Although I haven’t found out how long it takes before it falls to the bottom again, it would be interesting to know.

      Anyone from the oil/gas industry here?
      Please share!

    • The key is to fill up in the evening in Vancouver. I had to fill up leading up to that weekend and although there was pressure upward, I still paid in the low $1.40.

      I have a cash back credit card and I get 4% back on gas. That’s my saving and it beats Costco prices as well.

  2. I was going to say the same as Jeremy (since we live a stones throw away from each other) – midweek prices (ie mid work week – Tuesday/Wednesday) seem to be cheapest. My only tip is to not drive as much! Haha.

    I hear premium fuel is bad for an engine that takes regular, anyway. SO that’s good news.
    Daisy @ Add Vodka recently posted..What I Spend To Look Good: Skin Care EditionMy Profile

  3. Here in the US the prices have been dropping quite a bit. I expected a huge surge for this holiday weekend but gas prices dropped to $3.20/gallon here in KC.
    WorkSaveLive recently posted..What Phase of Investing Are YOU In?My Profile

    • That’s a huge drop in KC. Wow, I can’t believe how cheap the gas is there. That works out to roughly 80/cent per liter in Canada, and here the in Toronto the average gas price is $1.25/liter.

  4. After getting a few speeding tickets and growing tired of the price of gas, I forced myself to drive the speed limit. I like to think that this has saved me quite a bit of money over the years. Great tips!
    John @ Married (with Debt) recently posted..PMI: The Shadow DebtMy Profile

  5. I like how on that website it tells you how much the gas station will probably make. My co-worker sometimes crosses the border to get gas from the US, and brings a couple of jerry cans with him to fill up. Saves him almost $40 per trip.
    Liquid recently posted..April No Spend Days – ReviewMy Profile

  6. It is crazy how much cheaper gas is on the island compared to the Mainland – in Victoria it is usually 15 cents cheaper per liter.

    We try to use gift cards using our Aeroplan points to reduce our gas budget – it also helps that I walk everywhere – not possible in most cities in Ontario.
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  7. Good tips! Don’t forget about gas rebate credit cards. Getting 2 to 5% cash back from MasterCard or American Express certainly helps.
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    • Thanks MD. One thing though is that I don’t believe in spending to save, and therefore don’t promote that kinda stuff personally and don’t use any rebate/reward cards. Thanks though.

  8. Never heard of mid-week gas being more expensive. Going to look into that and observe over the next several weeks to see if it’s true in SF!

    Gotta take Moose to the shop finally tomorrow for a new alternator. Hope it’s less than $300!

    Best, Sam
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  10. Hey Eddie! Thanks for the link love on your previous post. It is greatly appreciated :)

    I tend to do all of these things already, except the wholesaler thing. I use my credit card to get rewards so I can’t use it at Costco. I love it because some gas stations do a crazy thing and Pilot’s charged me $150 instead of $34 off of the 5 during a roadtrip. Chase was able to remove it, no questions asked. It was awesome! Now with a debit card, I don’t think it would be that easy to dispute a charge.

    I drive by the gas station everyday and I always see prices changing before the weekend, and then drop back down Monday-Tuesday. I try not to get gas on the other days but sometimes it happens. Wish I could just carry a few gallons of gas in my car during these days….I wonder if anyone does that? Hahah.

  11. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. I am looking forward for more great blog. Thanks for sharing.
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  12. Great tips. Driving the speed limit and keeping your car well maintained is the best way to stretch your gas dollar. I use online shopping as a way to keep down trips to the store. Calling instead of driving also helps too.
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  13. ecogreen4us says:

    The other option that we have is either to buy new car (fuel efficient) or modified to be suitable for natural gas. Or even better with biogas.. These options are cheaper for our survival
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  15. Ignoring the typo in the title (the phrase is “fool proof,” as “full proof” makes no sense at all), it’s probably worth pointing out that the single most effective way to beat higher gas prices is, y’know, drive less.

    Gas prices could double again and it would cost me about $30-$35/month. This is not the kind of thing I stay up nights worrying about.

    Combine errands. Take the bus. Ride a bike. Walk. Stop spending your life absorbing tension on the road and free up time for more enjoyable pursuits.

  16. I agree with most of the points you make within this content.

  17. Gas pricing is increasing day by day at up high prices unreachable for a common man to pay his dues properly.