Do You Carry The Wrong Credit Card?

credit card

Why did you choose your credit card? Was the plastic in your wallet picked for the right reasons? It’s a question that applies to literally millions of Canadians – 85 per cent of us carry a credit card, according to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Not only that, but another 58 per cent report […]

Don’t Ignore Your Readers You Fool!

blog readers

Okay, I’ll start off by admitting something in this post that I generally wouldn’t admit otherwise – I’m not the greatest commenter in terms of volume, but certainly make the effort when the time allots. However, I hate when I leave a comment and get no acknowledgement. Sorry to say but that’s quite shallow in […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – RIM Revisting Winning Ways!


Microsoft hasn’t impressed all that much lately. And even with Windows 8 giving it a boost, critics are out in full force. Apple is same old-same old, lots of creative marketing while the product hasn’t changed all that much. Having said that, this has installed fear into the investors and Apple’s stock has been somewhat […]

Thought You Should Know: Google Owns Your Online Identity


Love it or hate it, Google owns your online identity. We all love their products so much that we use them everyday. Much of my own blogging business relies heavily on Google – everything from four Gmail accounts, Google+, algorithm search, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and of course the Google search engine – worlds […]

4 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

home renovations

I don’t know where you are, but the housing market in Canada is red hot. Most would agree that its even inflated, but never the less its a hot buyers and sellers market. While in United States, home prices are recovering from the financial crisis, here in Canada they’ve enjoyed a much welcomed growth. Just […]