Finance Fox Weekend Recap – 3 Weeks Till Christmas!

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There’s only three weeks remaining until Christmas, and the malls are ready for the shopping onslaught as shoppers begin to scramble. Myself included of course. There will be endless crowds, parking spot wars, and a lot of shoppers in panic mode trying to find the perfect gift. Can we say…..stressful? Thankfully my Christmas shopping list […]

Tipping Etiquette a Touchy Subject For Patrons and Servers

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I’ve written a few articles in the past about tipping etiquette, how much to tip and in which cases to tip. Clearly in the service industry, patrons and servers don’t see eye-to-eye on gratuities, and in some cases whether any tip should be left at all. Needless to say everybody and their mother have their […]

How Debt Consolidation Can Save You Money

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When you have debt, it can be difficult to know where to begin when paying it off. One of the ways to get beyond that is to use a technique known as debt consolidation to make your debt more manageable – and even to save you money over the long run. Two Ways to Consolidate […]

How You May Be Getting Ripped Off Everyday

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If your wallet is feeling a little light these days, it may be because you’re getting ripped off on products or services you’re purchasing. Ripoffs are everywhere these days, some can be avowed; other you simple can’t. The kicker to groin area is that these ripoffs are perfectly legal, yet they add up, leaving you […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap – $500 Blog For Financial Literacy Winner!


Winning Speech I’d like to say a few words before I get into this…. I’d like to thank god, my mother, my father and the rest of my family for being so supportive, without you I couldn’t have done it! (insert tear here) Blogging has been an inspirational journey that has opened up many doors, […]