Finance Fox Weekend Recap – Catching Up and 11 Money Reads You Might Have Misssed


This week was a little nuts for me. It was my first full week back to the grind since I got back from vacation. I found my self not only catching up at work, but also heavily catching up here at Finance Fox. Being away from everything and not touching your phone, computer or checking […]

The Importance of the English Language in Relevance to the GDP


Thanks to Olan Ahern for creating the above graphic. He is s a former Erasmus student who now works on behalf of Pearson PTE specialists in English Language Tests.

Do You Need a Career Change?

career change, career, job hunt, new job

Do you sit at your desk everyday and tick off the minutes until the end of the day? Maybe you look at job openings all day at a job that you dream about. Maybe you wish you could apply for Los Angeles nursing jobs or business jobs? Or maybe you believe that you are worth […]

How to Save Money at the Vet: Tips From an Experienced Pet Owner


Both of my parents are biologists and growing up we had a veritable farm of animals. Right now I have two cats and something I’ve come to learn from having many pets is that they can be expensive. One of my cats recently decided to jump from the roof of our 3rd story apartment onto […]

First-time Home Buyer Help: How to put Money back in Your Pocket

new condo development toronto

As a new buyer, saving for your very first home can be a challenging task, especially if you’re hoping to purchase in a big city like Toronto or Vancouver where real estate prices have hit record levels. Finding the lowest mortgage rate can help reduce the monthly mortgage costs, however, you still need to save […]