The Silent Salesperson

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Tendering is a different way for your small business to expand into different private, commercial, and government sectors. Rather than soliciting potential prospects, tenders are posted, and potential prospects come to you. Now, it may sound simple, and easy, but tendering is far from easy as it involves a lot of careful planning, preparation, industry […]

How To Crush Credit Card Debt in 347 Days!

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You’ll notice I talk a lot about debt and how to get out of it on Finance Fox. Probably because debt was one of the the key reasons I even started blogging. In almost two years of blogging I’ve come pretty far with money, and became debt free. I look at money in a whole […]

Money Management Tips For Newly Weds

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The wedding day is an exciting day for the newly wed to be couple. Its a start of something fresh, and a journey into the future together. The same day that the couple pledge them selves to marriage is also the day that most verbalize ten important words – “For better or for worse…For richer […]

Have You Ever Lent Your Car?

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Over the weekend I got talking with a friend over beers, and somehow we got onto the topic of lending your car to a family member, friends or significant other. We both mutually agreed that we’d never lend our cars to anyone for two reasons – We don’t trust anyone driving our cars, and we […]

Finance Fox Weekend Recap: 7 Reads You Might Haved Missed This Week


Every week thousands of great personal finance articles get published. Heck, I published nine articles last week alone spanning across three great websites (including FF). Some articles don’t get enough praise, and others get more than their fair share, but every article shares hard work and thoughts put into it in order to be published. […]